1. Fix next/previous page localization (details)
  2. Update gradle to 4.0 (details)
  3. Update Forge and MCP (details)
Commit df25ff8222b1ca2eb776cae98156c5e01722a957 by mezz
Fix next/previous page localization
The file was modifiedsrc/main/resources/assets/jei/lang/en_us.lang (diff)
Commit ca957e1d880d4979099180b254c07997dac88f98 by mezz
Update gradle to 4.0
The file was modifiedgradle/wrapper/gradle-wrapper.jar (diff)
The file was modifiedgradlew (diff)
The file was modifiedgradle/wrapper/ (diff)
The file was modifiedgradlew.bat (diff)
Commit 3988b428704ca24246a675291ea70234ef10cc46 by mezz
Update Forge and MCP
The file was (diff)